Andre Kertesz

Greenwich Village, New York City, June 19, 1963

Fish Sign, New York City, NY,1963

King Salamon,1941

Do They Play Hide and Seek (Girl Ties up Dog to Play),1933

Blind Sculptor Scapigni with an Unfinished Bust of Himself,1931

A Picnic Party in Bois de Boulogne, Paris,1929

Chez Mondrian, Paris,1928

Marionettes from the Experimental Puppeteer Geza Blattner,1928-29

Gypsy Boys Peering from a Window at the Back of a Wagon (Fun Fair),1926

Satiric Dancer, Paris, 1926

Modernist Tree Study against a Riveted Metal Tank,1923

Untitled, September 1, 1919 (Trees and Garden)

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