Peter Henry Emerson

Sunrise at Sea, 1887
The Clay-Mill, 1888
The Ferry, 1890
The Grafter, 1887
Plate XXVIII The Ferry Boat Inn, Tottenham, 1888
Plate XXI The Crown Inn, Broxbourne, 1888
Plate XX Broxbourne Church, 1888
Plate XVII Field's Weir, Near Rye House, 1888
Plate XV The Old Rye House Inn, 1888
Plate XIX Poplars and Pollards on the Lea, Near Broxbourne, 1888
Plate XIV The Conspirators' Room, Old Rye House, 1888
Plate XII The Lea Near Hoddesdon, 1888
Plate XI Hoddesdon, Herts, 1888
Osier-Peeling, 1888
Great Yarmouth Harbour, 1890
Crusoe's Island, River Granta, 1887
Children of the Broad, 1890
At the Ferry - A Misty Morning, 1893
At Plough - The End of the Furrow, 1887
A Yarmouth Row, 1890
A Winter's Morning, 1887
A Slipery Path - Winter Scene, 1888

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