Henry Horenstein

.: Photographer's Note :.

...Photographing animals is very different from photographing people. You can't tell an elephant where to stand, and you can´t ask a skate to smile or a lizard to say "cheese." Instead, you must be very patient and wait, hoping your subject will do what you want it to do, or maybe something else unexpected that might make a good picture. When animals do cooperate, you have to be ready, because most won't stay in one position long. You have only a few seconds, and often less, to get your shot.
As I watch and wait, I listen to other zoo visitors discuss the animals in human terms. "Look at that," they say. "He's smiling at us." Or, Poor thing, "she's bored." Or, "doesn't that monkey look like Uncle Ike?"
In some ways animals do resemble humans, no doubt. After all, they are our forebearers. Still, I believe animals are their very own creatures, with unique, often surprising and altogether amazing characteristics. And that's what I've tried to capture in these pictures...read more
Flying Fox–Pteropus mearnsi
Asiatic Elephant–Elephas maximus
Domestic Great Dane—Canis lupus familiaris
Beluga Whale–Delphinapterus leucas
Black Widow Spider—Latrodectus mactans
Azure Dart Frog—Dendrobates ezureus
Emperor Penguin—Aptenodytes forsteri
African Grey Parrot–Psittacua erithacus
Bullnose Ray–Myliobatis freminvillii
Gharial—Gavialis gangeticus
Greater Flamingo—Phoenicopterus roseus
Greater Kudu–Tragelaphus strepsiceros
Komodo Dragon–Varanus komodoensis
Giant Pacific Octopus–Enteroctopus dofleini
Great Cormorant–Phalacrocorax carbo
Grevy's zebra—Equus grevyi
Horse—Equus caballus
Lizard–Iguanid lizard
Longnose Skate Egg Case—Raja rhina
Longnose Skate–Raja rhina
Lookdown Fish—Selene vomer
Texas Map Turtle–Graptemys versa

Western Gorilla—Gorilla gorilla

Nile Monitor Lizard–Varanus niloticus
Brown Sea Nettles–Chrysaora fuscescens
Red Imported Fire Ants—Solenopsis invicta
Seahorse—Hippocampus erectus
Smoky Giraffe—Giraffa camelopardalis angolensis
Southern Dogface Butterfly—Colias cesonia
Walrus–Odobenus rosmarus

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